Liste der verwendeten Abkürzungen für Bahnverwaltungen

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

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Kürzel Bahnverwaltung
MAA Magma Arizona Railroad Co.
MACO McCormick, Ashland City & Nashville Railroad Co., Inc.
MADOT Maryland Department of Transportation
MALX Mid America Car
MARC Maryland Area Rail Commuter
MARTA Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
MATT Mattagami Railroad
MAX Metropolitan Area eXpress
MB Marianna & Blountstown Railroad
MB0000 Denkmal- und Museumsfahrzeuge in USA
MB0001 Port Huron & Detroit Historical Society
MB0002 Reader Railroad
MB0003 Illinois Southern, nur für Filmzwecke 1993
MB0004 Niles Canyon Railway
MB0005 Bluegrass Railroad Museum, Versailles KY
MB0006 Illinois State Railway Museum, Union IL
MB0007 Southern Oregon Chapter NRHS
MB0008 Ogden Rail Depot Museum, Ogden UT
MB0009 Golden Age Railroad Museum
MB0010 Dinner Train Ltd
MB0011 Joe Eck Railroad
MB0012 Age of Steam Railroad Museum, Dallas TX
MB0013 Ski Train
MB0014 Elgin County Railway Museum
MB0015 National Railway Museum, Green Bay WI
MB0016 Galveston Railroad Museum
MB0017 Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Jamestown
MB0018 Nevada State Railroad Museum
MB0019 Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum, Industry NY
MB0020 Heart of Dixie Railroad Club, Birmingham AL
MB0021 Colorado Railroad Museum, Golden CO
MB0022 Saginaw Valley Railroad Historical Society, MI
MB0023 Gopher State Railway Museum
MB0024 Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society
MB0025 Muskegon Railroad Historical Society
MB0026 California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento
MB0027 Don Mace
MB0028 Railroad and Pioneer Museum, Temple TX
MB0029 Midland Railway Historical Society, Baldwin KS
MB0030 Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, MD
MB0031 Railroad Museum of Oklahoma
MB0032 Wichita Falls Museum
MB0033 Iron Horse Historical Society, Parson KS
MB0034 Manly Junction Railroad Museum, Manly IA
MB0035 Red River Museum, Denison TX
MB0036 Utah State Railroad Museum
MB0037 Stone Mountain Scenic Railway
MB0038 Naugatuck Railroad
MB0039 Monticello Railway Museum, Monticello IL
MB0040 Reading Company Technical & Historical Society
MB0041 United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey
MB0042 Abilene & Smokey Valley Railroad
MB0043 Northeast Kansas Railroad Museum, Atchison KS
MB0044 Moody Foundation
MB0045 Rails for Ohio == Werbelackierung (X22105 (16))
MB0046 West Kentucky Rail Preservationists
MB0047 Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum, Parrish FL
MB0048 Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum
MB0049 Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton PA
MB0050 Smokey Hill Railroad Museum
MB0051 Western Railway Museum, Rio Vista Jct. CA
MB0052 Pacific Locomotive Association, Niles CA (MB0004)
MB0053 Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven KY
MB0054 Cass Scenic Railroad
MB0055 Cole Transportation Museum, Bangor ME
MB0056 Newport Dinner Train, Newport RI
MB0057 Railroad Museum of New England, Essex CT
MB0058 Western Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society
MB0059 Kansas City Railway Museum
MB0060 South Carolina Railroad Museum
MB0061 Broadway Dinner Train, Nashville TN
MB0062 Leelaneau Scenic Railroad
MB0063 Indiana Transportation Museum, Nobelsville IN
MB0064 Waynoka Historical Society, Waynoka OK
MB0065 North Carolina Transportation Museum
MB0066 Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad
MB0067 Railroaders Memorial Museum
MB0068 Branford Electric Railway Association
MB0069 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
MB0070 Connecticut Valley Railroad Museum ==> MB0057
MB0071 Edaville Railroad
MB0072 Westmoreland Scenic
MB0073 Winnipesaukee & Pemigewassett Valley Railroad
MB0074 Fort Madison, Farmington & Western Railroad
MB0075 Western America Railroad Museum, Barstow CA
MB0076 Travel Town Museum, L.A.
MB0077 Hub City Heritage Museum, Oelwein IO
MB0078 Big South Fork Scenic Railway, Stearns KY
MB0079 Indiana Railway Museum
MB0080 Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Society
MB0081 Michigan Transportation Museum, Mt.Clemens MI
MB0082 Berkshire Scenic Railway Museum
MB0083 Boone & Scenic Valley, Iowa
MB0084 Moriah Railroad and Mining Museum, Moriah NY
MB0085 High Country Railroad
MB0086 Huckleberry Railroad
MB0087 Hawaiian Railway Society [Museum]
MB0088 Hocking Valley [Museum]
MB0089 Hobo/Winnipesauke Scenic Railroad
MB0090 Little Traverse Scenic Railroad
MB0091 Industrial Museum of York County, PA
MB0092 Shore Line Trolley Museum, East Haven CT
MB0093 St.Louis Museum of Transportation
MB0095 The Grand Traverse
MB0096 Transisco Tours
MB0097 Rochester Chapter NRHS
MB0098 Northwest Rail Museum, Portland OR
MB0099 Silver Throttle Engine Association and Museum, Canton OH
MB0101 Buckscahuda & Western (2' Tourist Line)
MB0102 West Chester Railroad
MB0103 Grand Traverse Dinner Train
MB0104 Western Heritage Museum, Omaha Union Station
MB0105 Danbury Railroad Museum
MB0106 Washington Dinner Train
MB0107 Glen Monhart
MB0108 Oroville Railroad Heritage Commission
MB0109 Alaska Museum of Transport, Palmer AK
MB0111 Inland Empire Railroad Museum, Spokane WA
MB0112 Southeast Railway Museum, Duluth GA
MB0113 Carrollton-Oneida-Minerva Railroad
MB0114 Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad Museum
MB0115 Historic Huntsville Depot, Huntsville AL
MB0116 Louisiana Railway Heritage Trust
MB0117 United Railway Historical Society
MB0118 Anthracite RR Historical Society
MB0119 Midland Rwy Museum,Kansas City KS
MB0120 NRHS Wichita KS Chapter
MB0121 Great Western Railroad Museum
MB0122 New Jersey RR and Transp Museum
MB0123 Hamlet Railroad Museum
MB0124 Yuma Valley Chapter NRHS
MB0125 Michigan Star Clipper
MB0126 NRHS Philadelphia Chapter
MB0127 NRHS Promontory Chapter
MB0128 Puget Sound Rwy Hist Soc
MB0129 Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum
MB0130 Kettle Moraine Scenic Railway
MB0131 Mid-Continent Railroad Museum, North Freedom WI
MB0132 Fantasia Rail
MB0133 Bellefonte Historical RR Society
MB0134 Roanoke Transportation Museum
MB0135 Pennsylvania State RR Museum, Strasburg PA
MB0136 Great Plains Transportation Museum, Wichita KS
MB0137 Corydon Scenic Railway
MB0138 Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Calera AL
MB0139 St.Louis Car Company
MB0140 North Alabama Railroad Museum, Huntsville AL
MB0141 Connecticut Trolley Museum, Warehouse Point CT
MB0142 Northern Central Railroad
MB0143 Western New York Railway Historical Society
MB0144 Mercury & Chase [N. Alabama Rd. Museum]
MB0145 Museum of Transportation and Industry, Wasilla AK
MB0146 Appalachia Railway Museum, Blair TN
MB0148 Indian Head Central Railway, Indian Head MD
MB0149 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter NRHS
MB0150 Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
MB0151 Timber Heritage Association Logging Museum
MB0152 White River Scenic Railroad
MB0153 Oklahoma Railway Museum
MB0154 Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, Willimantic CT
MB0155 Soo Line Historical & Technical Society
MB0156 Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Museum
MB0157 Gulf Coast Railway Museum, FL
MB0158 Tennessee BiCentennial Train
MB0159 Rio Grande Preservation Society
MB0160 Orangedale Railway Museum, Orangedale NS
MB0161 Discovery Bay Railroad Park
MB0162 Boulder County Railway Historical Society
MB0163 Railroad Museum of New England, Thomaston CT
MB0164 Providence & Worcester Railfan Club and Museum, Webster MA
MB0165 American Orient Express
MB0166 Valley Forge Scenic
MB0167 Gold Coast Railroad Museum
MB0168 Washington State Historical Society
MB0169 NRHS Syracuse
MB0170 SamTrak Excursion Train [Dick Samuels]
MB0171 Spirit of Oregon Dinner Train
MB0172 Railroad Museum of Long Island
MB0173 Western Forest Industries Museum, Tacoma WA
MB0174 Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association
MB0175 Ghost Town & Calico Railroad, Buena Park CA
MB0176 Marion Country Railroad, Columbia MS
MB0177 Maine Eastern Railroad [M&E]
MB0178 Engines Preservation Inc., Bridgeton NJ
MB0179 Touristiques des Chaudieres Appalaches
MB0180 Arkansas Railroad Museum, Little Rock AR
MB0181 Northern Pacific Railway Museum, Toppenish WA
MB0182 Oregon Coast Historical Railway (Oregon Coast NRHS Chapter)
MB0183 Whippany Railway Museum
MB0184 Golden Pacific Railroad
MB0185 Rio Grande Scenic Railroad, Alamosa CO
MB0186 Iowa Star Clipper
MB0187 Calumet Industrial Heritage Project
MB0188 Oaks Amusement Park, Portland OR
MB0189 Pacific Railroad Preservation Association
MB0190 Carroll Park & Western Railroad
MB0191 Gold Strike Casino, Boulder City NV
MB0192 Northern Counties Logging Museum, Eureka CA
MB0193 Tioga Scenic
MB0194 Coastal Heritage Society, Savannah GA
MB0195 Golden Spike National Historic Site
MB0196 Tri-State Railway Historical Society
MB0197 C&O Railway Hertitage Center, Clifton Forge VA
MB0198 SP Railroad Historical Center, Rocklin CA
MB0199 Wheels Museum of Albuquerque
MB0200 Colebrookdale Railroad
MB0201 Eldon, IA Depot Museum
MB0202 Texas Transportation Museum
MB0203 Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
MB0204 Youngstown Steel Heritage Foundation
MB0205 Age of Steam Roundhouse, Sugarcreek OH
MB0206 Nevada, California & Oregon
MB0207 Northwest Railway Museum, Snoqualmie WA
MB0208 Lake Whatcom Railway
MB0209 Museum of the American Railroad, Frisco TX
MB0210 Southern Appalachia Railway museum, Oak Ridge TN
MB0211 Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, North Judson IN
MB0212 Raymond New Hampshire Historical Society
MB0213 Peninsular Railway & Lumberman Museum, Shelton WA
MB0214 Rosenberg Railroad Museum, Rosenberg TX
MB0215 Railroad Depot Museum, Tuscumbia AL
MB0216 Amarillo Railway Museum
MB0217 free 13.8.20
MB0218 free
MB0219 free
MB0220 free
MBCR Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad (siehe MBTA)
MBCX Material Brokerage Corp.
MBR Montpelier & Barre Railroad
MBRR Meridian & Bigbee Railroad Co. [6.2005 --> GW]
MBRX Milford-Bennington Railroad Co.
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MC Massachusetts Coastal Railroad
MC1 Maine Coast Railroad Corporation
MCC Morris County Central (--> NYSW)
MCCX Mt.Vernon Coal Transfer Co., IN
MCER Massachusetts Central Railroad Corp.
MCHX Transcisco Leasing Co.
MCLR McLaughlin Line Railroad
MCR McCloud Railway Company
MCRR Monongahela Connecting Railroad Co.
MCSA Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad
MCTA Minnesota Central [PRC]
MCVX Massachusetts Call Volunteer Firefighters Association
MDDE Maryland & Delaware Railroad Co.
MDLR Midland Terminal Co. [LTV]
MDOT Maine Department of Transportation
MDR Mid-Louisiana Rail Corporation
MDS Macon, Dublin & Savannah (1958 --> SAL)
MDT Merchants Despatch Transportation Corp
MDW Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway Co.
MDWR Midwest Rail
ME Morristown & Erie Railway, Inc.
MEC Maine Central [Pan Am Railways]
MECX Midland Electric Coal
MERR Maine Eastern Railroad
MERW xxxxM
MET Modesto & Empire Traction Co.
METR xxxxM
METW Municipality of East Troy, Wisconsin
METX Metropolitan Rail, Itasca
MFRR Middle Fork Railroad
MGA Monongahela Railway (1993 --> CR)
MGRI MG Rail, Inc. [Cons. Grain & Barge]
MH Mount Hood Railroad Co. (1968 --> UP)(1987 neu gegründet)
MHHR Mahony and Hazleton Railway Inc.
MHSF Morehead & South Fork Railroad
MHWA Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern [GVT]
MIBB Missouri & Illinois Bridge & Belt Railroad
MICO Midland Continental (1970++)
MIDH Middletown & Hummelstown Railroad Co
MIGN Michigan Northern Railway Co.
MILW Milwaukee Road (--> SOO [CP Rail])
MIRR Michigan Railroad
MISS Mississippian Railway
MITX Mirant Energy Trading
MJ Manufacturers' Junction Railway
MJRX Railway Service Contractors, Inc. (Mike & Jill Roberts) (D)
MKC McKeesport Connecting Railroad Co.
MKCX Morrison-Knudsen
MKT Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railroad Company (88 --> UP)
MKTT == MKT (--> UP)
ML Metrolink, Los Angeles
MLS Manistique & Lake Superior Railroad
MMA Montreal Maine & Atlantic [Railworld]
MMAX Martin-Marietta Corporation
MMF Morehead & Morgan Fork Railroad
MMID Maryland Midland Railway, Inc. [G&W]
MMRR Mid-Michigan Railroad, Inc. [RailTex]
MMT Mission Mountain Railroad
MN Mojave Northern Railroad
MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas [RailTex]
MNBR M and B Railroad LLC
MNC Missouri North Central Railroad [MRIX]
MNCR Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company
MNCX Minnesota Corn Processors
MNE Manistee & Northeastern Railway
MNF Morehead & North Fork Railroad
MNJ Middletown & New Jersey Railway Co., Inc. [PICK]
MNL Mountain Laurel Railroad Company (4.96 --> GNWR)
MNN Minnesota Northern
MNNR Minnesota Commercial Railway Co.
MNRR Modoc Northern Railroad [UC]
MNRR1 Mohave Northern Railroad [SWPX]
MNRX Minnesota NorthStar
MNS Minneapolis, Northfield & Southern Railway (1982 --> SOO)
MNTX Minnesota Transportation Museum
MNVA Minnesota Valley Transportation Co. Inc. (1995 --> MCTA)
MNZX Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train
MOBX Mobil Oil Corp.
MOC Missouri Central
MOCX Mosaic Company
MOIL Missouri Illinois (--> UP)
MON The Monon (7.71 --> LN)
MonWes Montana Western (1970+)
MoPac == MP (83 --> UP)
MOV Moshassuck Valley (1981 --> PW)
MOXV Moxahala Valley Railway Co.
MP Missouri Pacific (MoPac) (83 --> UP)
MPA Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad [Emmons Ind.]
MPCX Michels Pipeline Construction
MPEX Motivepower Industries Incorporated
MPP Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway Co.
MPRX Motive Power & Equipment Solutions
MPSX Missouri Public Service
MPWX Muscatine Power & Water
MQT Marquette Rail
MR McCloud River Railroad Co. (93 --> MCR)
MRIX Motive Rail Industries
MRL Montana Rail Link
MRLX Mineral Range Inc.(D), Ishpeming MI
MRR Mid Atlantic Railroad
MRS Manufacturers Railway Company
MS Michigan Shore Division [RailTex]
MSCI Mississippi Central Railroad [PRC], umgezeichnet
MSDR Mississippi Delta Railroad
MSE Mississippi Export Railroad Co.
MSN Meeker Southern [Ballard Terminal Railroad]
MSO Michigan Southern Railroad Co., Inc.
MSPS Minneapolis, St Paul & Sault Ste Marie Rr (1961--> SOO)
MSR Missouri Southern Railroad
MSRA Maryland State Railroad Administration (--> MARC)
MSRC Midsouth Rail Corporation (94 --> KCS)
MSRR Meridian Southern
MSRW Mississippian Railway Cooperative Inc.
MSTL Minneapolis & St.Louis (60 --> CNW)
MSTR Massena Terminal Railroad Co.
MSV Mississippi & Skuna Valley Railroad Co.
MSW Monessen Southwestern Railroad
MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority (83--> MNCR)
MTFR Minnesota Transfer Railway Co.
MTI Material Transfer Inc.
MTPX Montana Power Co.
MTR Mississippi Tennessee Railroad
MTR1 Montour Railroad (--> PLE)
MTRN Mississippi & Tennessee Railnet
MTRR Messena Terminal Railroad [2005 --> RA]
MTSX MAX Transportation Service
MTW Marinette, Tomahawk & Western (93 --> Tomahawk)
Muni San Francisco Municipal Railway
MUS Memphis Union Station Railroad
MV Midland Valley
MVP Missouri & Valley R.R. Corp.
MVPX Motive Power Resources Inc.
MVRY Mahoning Valley Railway Company
MVT Mount Vernon Terminal Railway, Inc.
MW Maumee & Western
MWAX Martin Marietta Materials Inc.
MWCL Midwest Coal Handling Co., Inc.
MWLX Midwest Locomotive Leasing
MWR Muncie & Western Railraod Co.
MWRC Mt. Washington Railway Co.
MWRL Molalla Western Railway [Dick Samuels]
MWRR Montana Western Railway Co., Inc.
MWRX Midwest Rail Holdings Incorporated
MWRY Mineral Wells & Eastern Railway (1993+)


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